You Have The Ability To Succeed

Ability is defined as:

  • Power, capacity to do or act physically, mentally, morally, financially etc
  • Competence in an activity or occupation
  • A general word for power, native or acquired enabling one to do things well.

Succeed is defined as:

  • Turn out successfully
  • Have or attain the desired result
  • To accomplish what is attempted
  • To attain success in some popular recognised form
  • To turn out well or to attain a goal

Therefore, “ability2succeed” is:

  • Power or capacity to attain the desired result
  • Power or capacity to accomplish what is attempted
  • Inherent power or competence in any activity or occupation and turn out well or successful.

Ability2succeed is the God given skill, talent, power or competence to achieve success and excel in every thing that we put our hands to and fulfill the purpose for which God created us and planted the seed of that ability in us. Even though God has planted the seed of ability in us, we still have our part to play to bring it to the point of success. God had a purpose in mind when He created everybody.

Nobody is an accident as far as God is concerned. (Your parents may not have planned your birth, but God did).

You are unique and created differently from everybody else in the world

–       Your DNA is different

–       Your finger prints are different

–       Your iris are different

–       Your voice print is different

God made you for a specific purpose and for such a time as this.

  • Only you can fulfil that special purpose
  • The world at large will loose out if you fail to fulfill your purpose
  • You will live a life of little or no significance if you fail to fulfill your God ordained purpose.

The seed for your purpose is already on the inside of you. Everything that God created had in them everything they need to survive, reproduce themselves, impact their environment and contribute their own quota to life. For example

  • An acorn has in it the big oak tree
  • A corn seed has in it the ability to reproduce at least 660 other corn seeds
  • Every man carries in them over 500,000 sperm cells
  • Etc


The reasons for these apparent differences are as diverse as the situation itself. However, in light of our topic for today, suffice to say the reasons can be down to the following:

a.              What type of ability has God deposited in each person?

b.              Has the ability been realized or discover?

c.              Has it been developed?

d.              Is it being applied?

e.              Who is mentoring or nurturing its growth by usage?

f.               What is the yardstick of measuring its success or failure?

Inside of every human being, there is a cry for:

  • Recognition
  • Acceptance
  • Love
  • Appreciation
  • Desire to be successful

Ability2succeed is therefore a platform specially designed to help people in the following ways:

a.     Acknowledge the fact that they are not useless but unique to the plans of God .

b.     The plan that God has for them, He will see it through

c.     The seed of ability that God has planted in them is unique, alive and potent

d.     Dig deep and bring out this special gift

e.     Determine what can be done to nurture and grow the ability to success

f.      Evaluate where they are on the timeline of life, take stock of progress so far, examine and identify areas that need improvements

g.     Implement those improvements to achieve greater results.

Ability2succeed is a total life package to help you discover your God given ability or skill and how to develop and apply it to your life and see the fullness of God’s plan for your life.

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