I was driving down a country lane this morning when I drove past an open field about the size of 2 football fields where people take their dogs for walk or just take a stroll. I have driven past this spot many times, but this morning, there was something different! What is it? – There were no dog walking, strolling or the usual scene, may be two ladies chatting while their dogs are running about or a man talking on his mobile phone, none of these. Then I saw it, a lonely black bird.

Almost in the centre of this open space and vast field is this bird, just standing there doing nothing! There was no other car in sight, so I stopped, switched off the car engine as if not to disturb the stillness and serenity around the bird, still it did nothing, not moving, pecking or even noticed my presence. I waited about three or four minutes, then it took off and flew away into the distance till I couldn’t see it anymore.

Then it done on me, this is life in its true sense. We are all one in billions but at every time, where ever we are, what ever we are doing or not doing, who ever is with us or not with us, in a crowd or just by ourselves, life is a lonely, single, one-on-one, just you, just me and nothing more than that! Mostly we are deluded to think that the best of life is when you are in a crowd, with others, doing something, going somewhere or being with family or friends. Our true life is lived when we are just alone, by ourselves, in the still, quiet and serene moment of peace and tranquility.

Please, don’t misunderstand my point here, I am not advocating solitude and lonly life, where you are just an island and have no contact with your environment or other people or things around you, all these are vital parts of what makes us live and why we are here on this planet. We all need our family and friends, colleagues and acquaintances, neighbours and strangers etc. Rather, what I am saying is that you will never know who you are, what you are and why you are until you are in that spot, position, situation or space where that black bird was this morning.

In reality, what is life anyway? The truth is that what we call and regard as our lives is never ours, it is a borrowed commodity and one day, the owner will ask for it back and there is nothing anyone can do to resist the return of life to its owner and originator. That aside, whose life are we all living? Before you are quick to say “my life”, consider the following points.

  1. Why did you get out of bed this morning, and in all of the hundred of reasons, which one of them is purely, solely and completely determined, dependent, absolutely and unequivocally because of you and your decision.
  2. How many people have you seen, talked to, phoned, emailed, passed by, demanded or giving things, explanation, excuse, reasons, space etc to today, and why did you do all these; again is it purely, solely and completely determined, dependent, absolutely and unequivocally because of you, your decision and for you?
  3. Think of all the people you have ever met in you life, if you are to recover the amount of yourself, time, energy and resources spent on them, for them and with them, where it was not a choice that you made but was made with or without your consent or consultation, how much of life – your life will that amount to?
  4. Even as you are reading this article, are you reading it because you want to or because I put it in front of your face? You may say “well, I choose to read it, so its my decision and choice”. Tat is true but the fact is I made you to make that choice and decision by exposing you to the article. My point is that most of the things we call and regard as our choice and decision are really not, because every minute of the day, somebody is either spending our life or making us spend it for them, with them or on them. But I guess that is what life is all about!!!






So, the question is “whose life is it”?

To be continued…

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6 thoughts on “Life, Space & Friendships

  1. Bro, I bless God for your life and I really appreciate how this piece from you have opened my eyes to see some hidden things about the life I live and called mine.
    Sincerely, I can’t wait to read the concluding part of this very inspiring and encouraging piece and I’m very sure God will not fail to release His Spirit and Anointing to you the more in order to conclude this expository work and many more that will follow.
    God Bless you and your family real GOOD.


  2. This brings Ecclesiastes 12:13 to mind.
    ” Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep His commandments: for this is the WHOLE duty of man” (emphasis mine)


  3. I love your article. The exploration of the meaning of life is as old as man in the garden. I especially loved the part when you talk about how our true life is lived when we are just alone and by ourselves in the still.
    I also loved how you qualified what the “still” is by calling it the quiet and serene moment of peace and tranquility.
    Great work


    1. Thanks Benjamin for your comments.

      I will be posting the next phase of the article in a few days, so watch out for it. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the blog on the blog page (right hand side about the middle of the page) so that whenever a new blog is posted, it will arrive in your inbox automatically.

      Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.



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