Elisha Project – The Privilege of Serving Leaders

Serving is the pathway to honour, blessing and glory. While it may not be “cool” to serve in today’s world, the fact remains that no one is qualified to lead beyond the degree to which they can serve others. This book, “Elisha Project – The Privilege to Serve Leaders” is written in clear and compelling terms to provide practical, insightful guidelines to help anyone become successful in serving those around and in their lives. It covers topics such as:

– Qualities required to serve effectivly and acceptably

– Faithfulness in serving

– Attitudes in serving

– The challenges of serving and how to overcome them

– The benefits of serving

– etc

The book is now available for FREE download of the kindle format from this link – http://amzn.eu/0iJkzQF for a few days and I strongly encourage you to get a copy now and tell others about this great opportunity.



About ability2succeed

My name is Tunde Disu and I have the heart to serve leaders so that they are not burdened with any distraction that may steal their time. A passion that I have demonstrated for more than 20 years and have trained several people on how to wait on and serve leaders effectively, acceptably and faithfully. Over the years, I played a major role in the establishment and expansion of many Churches and Ministries in UK, Africa and America. A coach, mentor, leadership trainer and relationship counsellor. As an author, I published my first book "Elisha Project - The Privilege of Serving Leaders" in 2016. Currently, I am running a consultancy firm (The Administrator) for not for profit organisations like churches and ministries in the areas of Systems, Structures and Operations. Married to Adeola and together we are blessed with 3 wonderful children.
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