The goal of this project is to encourage men to be better men in all areas of their lives.

We all have goals to improve ourselves and become better in all areas of our lives. But often, some goals never get beyond the thought and the plan and so we are stuck in the same place of mediocrity as before.

However, we are more likely to follow through with a goal if there is a specific plan, instead of just some ethereal intention. Also, we are more likely to accomplish these goals if we have a group of people who are encouraging and keeping us accountable. This becoming a Better Man Project is designed to provide a specific plan and accountability to help you become a better man in 2017 and beyond.


Each week, we’ll be publishing an article, a live video, recorded video or have a guest speaker with a specific task to accomplish that week. The article or other means will begin with a theory component which will briefly explain the benefits of doing the task and how to go about accomplishing it. The tasks will cover one of the 5 identified segments areas of a man’s life including relationships, health, career and money etc.  Join the group on “The Admirals” facebook page and interact with other men who are taking part in the project. Hold yourself accountable to the group by sharing whether or not you completed the task and swap tips and discuss how the day’s task went for you.



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